"Vista House" as seen on the Columbia River, Oregon

"Groundskeeper" at the Church of Gjøgv, Faroe Islands

"Misty Morning" in the Queen Charlotte Islands, British Columbia

"Country Roads" Great Smokey Mountains

"Fruit Loop"  Vineyards and fruit farms are popular throughout Oregon's Hood Valley

"Between a Rock and a Hard Place"  The town of Heimaey, on the Icelandic Island of Vestmannaeyjar.

"Riding White Sands"  White Sands National Monument, New Mexico

"Solitude"  Along the Snake River, Oregon

"Gray Matter"  The residual from the 2010 Eyafjallajøkull volcanic eruption, Iceland

"Sole Survivor" in the Florida Keys

"There's Gold in These Hills"  The sun sets over the skies of New Mexico

"On the Edge" A tree clings for life on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon

"Red Planet"  Dramatic landscape of Bryce Canyon

"Duck Creek"    Fall color in Southern Utah

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